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Connections Human Services

Bridging Life's Gaps

Connections Human Services is a 501C 3 non profit organization The  organization was founded in response to growing service gaps for those individuals and communities impacted by budgetary reductions in local, state, and federal budgets 

Connections Human Services is overseen by a Board of Directors, which is composed of community members and representatives of those we serve.  Members of the Board of Directors  are  active in our community.  They are service providers, clergy members, business persons and  community members. 

Connections Human Services offers  experienced professional staff.  Our personnel have over 75 years  experience in providing human services in the "Thumb Region".  

What we do

It is the Mission of Connections Human Services,  "To Identify and fill service gaps to improve the lives  and well being of individuals and communities". 

Guardian and Conservator Services:  

Provides oversight guidance and protection for those individuals who may be vulnerable to exploitation due to a disability or medical conditions,

 Family Support 

Providing supervision, guidance, and education for families that may need extra help and structure. 

News and Events

June  15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Please keep our vulnerable Seniors in mind.   We still have Purple ribbon Seniors matter tee- shirts if you are interested in 

showing support. 

New Service 

As if May 2018 Connections has been approved by the Social Security Administration as an Organizational Representative Payee.  This means we can now assist individuals who need help with money management but do not need a guardian. 

Tuscola Thumb Area Guardian Round Table-  Meets the third Wednesday of Even Months at 5:00 in our office.   Opportunity for family and professional Guardians to address then needs of vulnerable adults and take action to address those needs.     Current hot topic   Safe affordable housing. 


As a non profit organization Connections Human Services provides assistance to individuals with diverse experience and back grounds.  We serve veterans, seniors, individuals with dementia, Alzheimer disease.  We provide a service that is not publicly funded. As such we are so thankful from the support we have gotten from our community.    A  Special Thank you to. 



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